Surface Labs YC Launch: Intelligent Forms that Boost Conversions

Surface Labs YC Launch: Intelligent Forms that Boost Conversions

Aug 15, 2023

👋 Hey everyone - we’re Saharsh and Arjun from Surface Labs!


We’re building intelligent forms designed to help B2B companies collect richer customer data and convert more site visitors to customers via AI-powered content personalization.

🤔 The Problem

You’re losing out on the opportunity to collect valuable first-party data from your customers and increase conversions due to suboptimal forms on your landing page.

  • It’s difficult to personalize content on a form using existing solutions, despite this being one of the most effective methods for converting customers

  • Solutions like Typeform don’t fit seamlessly into your product’s design/ styling and can look out of place 🤢

  • HubSpot or custom-built forms can easily lack an optimal UX that drives form conversions 🥱

Optimizing page forms to collect rich user data that your marketing and sales teams can use to drive conversions is important but is an ongoing task that takes resources away from developing your core product.

✨ Our Product

We’re building intelligent forms designed to help companies collect richer customer data and convert more site visitors to customers through AI-powered content personalization.

Our forms can be embedded in minutes on your site as a pop-up or even take over the entire page and provide your business with a managed “Contact Sales” page!

Here are some example of early forms that we’re building:

Our platform has helped our customers:

  • add targeted messaging to a form to easily enable personalization at scale

  • reduce the burden of data entry for customers to improve form completions by up to 70%

  • manage their entire inbound sales pipeline with our managed “Contact Sales” page experience

  • enrich customer responses with external data sources and ask personalized follow-up questions that allow sales teams to instantly filter, qualify, and book meetings with leads

⚙️ Features

At their most basic, our forms are customized to match your site’s theme and branding, but here are some additional things our forms can do:

  • Intelligent form routing logic

  • AI-Powered A/B testing of questions

  • Automatic lead enrichment and scoring

  • Slack bots that inform you when an important lead has signed up

  • Integrations with your CRM, CDP, analytics, email, and scheduling tools

👏 Our Team

Arjun and Saharh met as freshmen at UC Berkeley 🐻 where we both studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS).

Arjun spent much of his time at Snowflake on the growth team optimizing their self-serve flow, starting with the form on

Saharsh received his M.S. in EECS from Berkeley where he studied privacy-preserving systems and has worked at early-stage startups where he built products from 0-to-1.

They’ve both worked with marketing/ sales/ growth teams to perform experimentation around content personalization, onboarding flows, and form templates to help optimize improve response rates/conversion rates. After directly experiencing how powerful personalized business forms can be, Saharsh and Arjun decided to start Surface.

🙏 Asks

If you are currently using a custom form/ Typeform/ Hubspot form, have had to disable your Calendly booking screen due to spam bookings, or are struggling to collect rich user data from inbound leads, check us out!

We’re onboarding a limited number of companies over the next 2 weeks and are custom-building forms for them prior to our self-serve product launch.

Book time to chat with us here or reach out at!

Visit our website at to check out one of our forms!